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Reviews & Feedback

What My Clients Are Saying

I started seeing Annie at a time in my life when things had got on top of me.  I was lost in my thoughts and entangled by my past.  Over the past fourteen months we have worked collaboratively in trying to establish a deeper understanding of my issues, and develop my autonomy and reflexivity. At times this process has been difficult, however, at each crossroad and obstacle I have faced, Annie has been there to guide and support me. I have had previous therapy in the past but my experience of working with Annie has felt different, new and refreshing.  Her approach has allowed me to feel understood in ways that I never thought I could. I know still have a lot further to go in our sessions but I trust Annie will be there to support me through that journey with trust, empathy, and unconditional positive regard.

I’ve been attending weekly sessions with Annie for almost one year now. I can honestly say that she has been absolutely amazing and attentive during our sessions. I genuinely see some progress in myself and the way I process my emotions so far. 
The way I communicate and feel about my relationships with family and friends have slightly changed. I feel like I understand myself so much better as well. I am so very grateful for that small amount of confidence that she has helped me unleashed within myself. It helps that she tries to redirect my negative internal thoughts about myself into something that probably never existed outside of my head. She makes me feel like I should be taking better care of myself and that I matter. 
She has been extremely supportive throughout my studies as well. It was quite difficult for me to focus on my education especially with the amount of pressure from family. I felt like an absolute failure. But coupled with her support, she has helped me understand my limitations and see myself in a more positive manner. I feel like her encouragement in me has made me more productive. There have been extremely low moments in my life where I have felt that without her, I would’ve given up too easily.  
Again, I am deeply grateful and appreciative of her service. She has been invaluable in guiding me on how to better help myself and cope with my depression.

Annie cultivated a safe space for me to explore my childhood trauma, make sense of some complex narratives that I had upheld to survive but that now no longer served me, untangled some limiting beliefs, and empowered some big life decisions that enabled me to thrive in ways I didn't think were possible.

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